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hey 👋🏼

I'm Irah or you may know me as Foodstagram 

So Here’s how it started ...

In 2019, I started posting food pictures on Instagram as a quirky way to document my dining experiences around Dublin. Before this, I found myself in a constant state of taking pictures of what I was eating - no matter what or where I was (as with most, during the peak of oversharing on Instagram!). As I scanned through the photos on my phone, I realised that I had hundreds of ‘Insta-worthy’ food photos, hence, the birth of


But when the pandemic hit, with restaurants and cafes at a standstill, I was forced to re-discover and divert my content around my love for cooking and homemade food. Luckily, at the time, I was still living (leeching more like) at my parents’ and I got to showcase authentic Asian food, mostly Filipino cuisine, that I grew up devouring. That’s when Jelly and I started sharing recipes. In many ways, I think that it’s what set apart from other food blogs. We were able to connect with people who were in search of something that can bring them a bite closer to home.

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& how it's going ...

Running and having worked with brands for over 3 years now, I’ve merged my love for content creation, my passion for food and expertise in social media marketing with my MSc in Digital Marketing. I now work as a freelance content creator, creating high-performing and engaging content for small Irish businesses and global brands, curated for their social media platforms.

I have grown so much as a food blogger/ content creator in the last few years and I’m eternally grateful for the community we've built and of course, the never ending support. If there’s anything I’m sure of, it’s that opportunities like this don’t come by everyday. I’m thankful that I get to feed my passion while helping businesses and restaurants grow online through


Eating out and exploring new cuisines gets me so excited and I’m lucky that I get to share it through the lens of


So stick around for a while, let’s be friends and eat together!  💛

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